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SAMPLE Video 201 - Hayley-Marie and Nasrin
It starts a simple water fight between two girls in jeans with their super-soakers. They decided they were not wet enough so took it in turns to dump buckets of water on each other! (8 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 202 - Sonia
Sonia wears a flimsy see-thru red long-sleeved shiny blouse tied just below her ample breasts, and a mid length skirt. Her thigh length boots complete this perfect "shower suit". Now here is a girl who is really turned on by her wet clothes. (7.5 minutes)
Video 203 - Sami
New video (never on StyxWetWorld) - from the Strangely Strange movie. Sami, wearing a slinky red dress gets a sexy soaking in the river. This outfit really shows off her perfect figure. (15 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 204 - Liz B
(From StyxWetDenim) In a steamy bathroom, watch Liz B soak her denim jeans and boots in the hot bath water. She also wears a flimsy, floaty see-thru long-sleeved top that goes transparent revealing her braless figure. (7 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 205 - Koko
(From StyxWetDenim) A natural sound movie, featuring Koko in the surf on a beach in Spain. She's wearing denim jeans and a purple satin shirt as she rolls, plays and dives in and out of the waves. If you like wet, shiny denim - and wet, shiny satin - and some real close-ups of the soaked fabric - then you will be in heaven! (7 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 206 - Candy
(From StyxWetDenim) Candy wears her own pale blue jeans for this shoot. Matched with a pale yellow shirt and a lightweight jacket, she decides it's too hot in the sun and the fastest way to cool off is to soak herself in her clothes. She starts with her sneakers, and slowly immerses herself in the ocean. (8 minutes)

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SAMPLE Video 207 - June and Sammie
(From StyxWetDenim) A 2-girl video from Spain that contains everything for the wet denim fan. Our two girls are in and out of the pool, back to the house for drinks, playing in the pool, showering and then finally back to the pool. Thoroughly-soaked denim pleasure! (21 minutes)
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