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Photoset 001 - Lana Cox
Stunning Lana, wearing a black mini skirt, black jacket, and white top - soaking and swimming in the river. Then she stands to show off her wet underwear too. (60 photos)
Photoset 002 - Lucy
Lucy showering in her white cotton mini dress. After wetting her outfit thoroughly she gives her hair a good soaking and them, just for good measure slips off the dress to reveal her lovely body and her dripping panties. (33 photos)

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Photoset 003 - Jodi
Playing in the river in a white skirt, blue blouse, grey jacket. After slowly soaking the skirt, she gradually lowers herself into the water to make her blouse go see through and clingy. Jodi then decides it's time to demonstrate just how wet her undies and stockings are- you can almost feel it! (22 photos)
Photoset 004 - Lana Cox
Soaked in her blue mini dress, stockings, high heels. Lana, enjoying a dip in the river. This blonde beauty looks terrific as she sits on a rock slowly pouring water over her dress, underwear and stockings, before going for a swim around fully clothed. (49 photos)

Photoset 005 - Faith
Outdoors - splashing, soaking and having FUN in her blue skirt, blue shirt and blue knee-high boots! (125 photos)
Photoset 006 - Katie
Our elegant blonde soaking in a river. She wears a long, shimmering grey cocktail dress and sexy heels. (136 photos)

Photoset 007 - Rachael
Rachael in a black skirt and white blouse - photographed outdoors in a river. (113 photos)

Photoset 008 - Lana Cox
Blonde bombshell swimming in a tight red dress drenching it close to her curvy body. (109 photos)

Photoset 009 - Diana
Diana drenched all in beige, bathing under a rushing waterfall. (90 photos)
Photoset 010 - Esta
Washing, soaping and drenching her thin white top, silky bra and undies, black skirt and thigh-high black boots! (96 photos)

Photoset 011 - Teresa
Our newest babe drenching and soaping her tight yellow dress, red undies and high, white boots. (154 photos)
Photoset 012 - Chanta
Splashing and bathing in sheer dress and black shoes - and, what's under those clothes? (39 photos)

Photoset 013 - Melody
Bathing outdoors and soaking in a smart, sexy little black dress and black shoes. (50 photos)
Photoset 014 - Wendy Jayne
Splashing and playing in a tight silver dress and shoes, showing her drenched hose. (45 photos)
Photoset 015 - Teresa
Cute, sexy Teresa bathing at home in a short red top and very tight WET blue jeans. (50 photos)
Photoset 016 - Diana
Dark-haired Diana wearing a long dress soaked outdoors by a sprinkler! (42 photos)

Photoset 017 - Cat
Cat dressed in white and red with hose and a little red purse and cap soaking outdoors in the river. (76 photos)
Photoset 018 - Teresa
If you like to see a girl get wet and soapy with a glint in her eye and a naughty smile- then Tess is the girl! Here she soaps and wets her jeans and velvet shirt in Lana's bath. She really enjoys getting wet, but keeps having an uncontrollable desire to take her clothes off too! So we battled hard and here she is wet but dressed!. (101 photos)
Photoset 019 - Sami
Screen grabs from the Strangely Strange movie. Sami, wearing a slinky red dress gets a sexy soaking in the river. This outfit really shows off her perfect figure. (48 photos)
Photoset 020 - Faith
Faith makes a return in a second set, this time looking very sweet and innocent in her long white dress, white jacket, shoes and stockings. However she wrecks the whole outfit by lying around in the river with it on. Naughty Faith! (57 photos)
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