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Video 021 - Katie
Katie's such a clumsy girl! Sitting chatting on the edge of the bath, she falls in! Wearing white trousers (that go see through) and a pale blue thin sweater, which she rips up. (21 minutes)
Video 022 - Diana
The full length scene of the most popular download we offered on StyxFreeWorld! Here Diana talks to the cameraman and we see a girl who genuinely loves getting wet. This was Diana's first ever wet shoot and afterwards she just couldn't wait to do some more. (24 minutes)
Video 023 - Rachael
The girl who sparked an avalanche of emails, everyone wanting to see more. This girl is so cute, so sweet and so willing ... the sort of girl you'd never let out the bath once you got her in. Rachael's wet debut. We defy you not to fall for this girl! (25 minutes)

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Video 024 - Melody
For those who think jeans are not enough, itís TOTAL DENIM! In the river wearing denim jeans, denim shirt, denim jacket, Melody swims and soaks in the slow tantalising way she does best. Incidentally, no underwear whatsoever is worn - so all that wet denim is in total contact with her body. (18 minutes)
Video 025 - Teresa
Wow, aren't you guys getting a treat!! Teresa in the bath. You loved the screen grabs, now you get the movie! Awesomely sexy, and with the sort of legs that should never, ever, be covered up. Tess thinks wetlook is super fun, but can't help trying to strip. We take pity on her in this set, and let her rip her blouse open. (18 minutes)

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Video 026 - Tammy
Another girl who has sparked a big response, can only be described as a babe! This is her first ever wet movie, she loved doing it and it shows in the mischievous glint in her eye. Here we see her having loads of fun in the pool- see through top (no bra) and that skirt is removed to show off her see through panties too. (8.5 minutes)
Video 027 - Jo May
Rapidly made herself a favourite of many of you. Here she's in the shower wearing a long cream skirt, boots and a "hippy" top. The water makes the clothes cling to every curve of her beautiful slim body and she loves every moment of it! (23 minutes)
Video 028 - Paige
From the Wet Debutantes movie, Paige is a really delightful girl. Wearing a long white dress and white panties she has her first wet experience- and loved it. Luxuriating in the bath, she turns to the cameraman and says all she wants now is some champagne and chocolates - oh, and someone to feed them to her - any volunteers? (22 minutes)
Video 029 - Natalie
Complete movie of Natalie playing in the fountain in the centre of the city. Then totally soaked she goes walking around admiring her reflection in shop windows. (6.5 minutes)
Video 030 - Charisma
Stunningly pretty Charisma makes her wetlook debut in the pool wearing a grey suit and red shirt. A lovely, slow, gradual wetting, lots of close ups of the shirt as it gets gloriously wet. Charisma loved her first experience of wetlook modelling and telephones every week to see if she can do some more. (14 minutes)
Video 031 - Louise
First appearance on the site of Louise in a movie. Although her debut appearance was in Strangely Strange, you can see here a girl who really knows how to get wet with style. She flows like the water- a delight to see. Jeans, sweater and a velvet jacket are worn, although the sweater is removed and the jacket put back on. Louise teases you then, giving little glimpses of her lovely body. (22 minutes)
Video 032 - Makenzie
So you don't like sweaters? You'll love this one, as it shows every curve of Makensie's lovely body! The skirt looks terrific too as it goes very see through and show's all Mak's underwear. (17 minutes)
Video 033 - Louise, Melanie, Donna
Twins, Melanie and Donna are fed up up big sister Louise bossing them around and so take revenge! Ambushing her on the way to work, they first soak her with water pistols, then throw a bucket of water over her, then turn the hosepipe on her. If that's not enough they drag Louise to the pool and throw her in! Natural sound and a good old fashioned water fight. (9 minutes)
Video 034 - Sarah
New girl Sarah demonstrates how not to was a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The water goes all over her and the bike's still dirty! Sarah wears "biker chick" clothes - leather pants and top plus boots. (9 minutes)
Video 035 - Diana
A "killer" denim movie. One of the most popular girls on StyWetWorld wears total denim - jeans, shirt and jacket and totally soaks them. Few girls are brave enough to swim underwater in the river- but Diana's the girl for this! (17 minutes)

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Video 036 - Melody
It's the irrepressible Melody again, wearing her favourite style of outfit- a suit. This one is pale blue with a dark blue shirt beneath. Apart from getting thoroughly soaked the suit gets filthy. Despite Melody's best efforts that dirt just won't wash off! Oh well just have to settle for a dirty wet girl won't we? (11.5 minutes)
Video 037 - Shelly
New girl Shelly, undertaking her wet debut. Smart black skirt and white blouse. A pretty girl, eager to please and a bath of water - WHAT a recipe! (20 minutes)

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Video 038 - Katie
Clumsy Katie returns again. However about the only daft thing she does is to rip the buttons of her shirt! That's pretty tame by Katie's standards! Nice yellow shirt (no bra), blue skirt, shoes and stockings make up her wetlook ensemble. (24 minutes)
Video 039 - Natalie
Plenty of soap and water in this one as Natalie comes clean in the shower. She doesn't wear a bra and we get to see her white lacy stocking tops and panties as she rolls around on the floor enjoying the soaking experience. (17 minutes)
Video 040 - Harmony
Nurse Harmony is here to treat you - or is it give you a treat? As requested by members, we have a nurse in the pool - and in her very own uniform too! What a great debut to wetlook and Styx for Harmony. Who's first for a bed-bath? ... form an orderly line please! (13 minutes)
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